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MOD 300 Control Software Migration

PRIME Integration is a firm committed to developing cost-effective strategies for extending the lifecycle of ABB Taylor MOD 300™ process control systems and planning for their eventual migration to next-generation platforms.  Our team consists of ABB-trained application engineers with 20-plus years of control system experience.


 Ramp-Up Software Documentation

Provides the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and user-friendly documentation available for the ABB Taylor MOD 300 ™ system

·        Comprehensive data parameter definitions presented in Excel and Visio file formats

·        Logic visualization drawings for CCF, TCL, TLL, and Batch 300 ™ Recipes

·        Complete CCF, TCL, TLL and graphics cross-referencing database




Includes robust, optimized, and intuitive navigation tools that support drill down and access across documentation layers


Expertly supported by MOD 300 ™ Engineering professionals

·        Assistance with source code and configuration data capture from most media

·        Proven expertise in batch applications implemented in Batch 300 ™

·        Collaboration in the creation of custom functional requirement documents